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The St Andrews Preservation Trust, a registered charity (SC 011782), was founded in 1937 and incorporated in 1938. Its objective is to secure the preservation of the amenities and historic character of St Andrews and its surroundings, as opportunity offers, by the following means:

  1. By the acquisition of old buildings or natural areas that contribute to the character of St Andrews.

  2. By cooperation with the public authorities and with organisations having objectives similar to its own.

  3. By furthering an appreciation of the tradition, character and beauty of St Andrews.


Benefits of Membership

You can help the Trust meet its objectives by becoming a member. The annual membership fee of 25 ensures that you receive a regular newsletter updating you on the vital work of the Trust.

Looking for an interesting gift? We can offer Gift Certificates for single or Joint Ordinary or Life Membership. Why not support the Trust by giving a Membership to family or friends? Please contact the Office at 4 Queens Gardens, St Andrews for details.

Membership Application form

Application forms are available by writing to:

The St Andrews Preservation Trust
4 Queen's Gardens
St Andrews
KY16 9TA

Tel: 01334 477152

Alternatively, you can email us:

Please provide your name, address and telephone number in all correspondence.

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