St Andrews Preservation Trust

Our governing body is the Board of Trustees, who have full decision- making authority on behalf of the charity’s members. All Board members are volunteers. The Board of Trustees is elected by the membership at the charity’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Board members are elected for a period of three years and serve as trustees of the charity and as directors under the Companies Act. Mid-year vacancies are filled by co-option.   

Co-opted members stand for election at the following AGM. The maximum number of trustees allowed by our governing document is 15 Elected Trustees and 6 co-opted trustees. Board members are given an induction and offered training which is appropriate to them given their personal qualifications and experience and the particular role that they play within the charity.  At all meetings of the Board and Committees if any of those present have a possible conflict of interest, it is declared.  If necessary, that person is excluded from discussion on the relevant matter.  

The Board meets bi-monthly but also conducts its business by email or additional meetings when necessary.