St Andrews Preservation Trust

How we strive to protect the amenity and

character of the City of St Andrews

The Trust’s Planning Committee meets fortnightly to discuss the Weekly Lists.

Each application concerning the St Andrews Central Conservation Area and the Hepburn Garden area considered in the context of meeting the requirements of the Development Plan, St Andrews Design Guidelines and the Conservation Area Appraisals.

The Trust wants to see all applications for Shop fronts and their signage comply with Guidelines contained within the St Andrews Guidelines.  We want the shop fronts to respect the historic town-scape and retain features such as use of cast iron pillars or mosaic door entries.

The Planning Committee considers all domestic applications within the Conservation Area to be sure they are in keeping with the above guidance.  The Committee welcomes contemporary designs and if they enhance the building in question and the Conservation Area we may not comment.  Indeed if the quality of the design is of an exceptional standard we will make our support known to Fife Council.

There will be occasions when advice is needed from Consultants.  The Development Plan and Major Applications are cases when extra assistance and advice is sought.