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The Boase Wood

What is the Boase Wood?

The wood was bequeathed to the Trust by Philip Boase, and is currently tended by just two people. It’s 1.325 acres of native trees, bluebells and snowdrops and stretches. Our mandate is to preserve this beautiful slice of nature for future visitors, so come and take a look, no entry fee required!


How to get there

The wood stretches from the Kinness Burn to Hepburn Gardens. Head to the area highlighted in blue and take a stroll in nature.

The Boase Wood Through the Seasons

Take a look at the passing of the seasons in the Boase Wood. Watch this space for more photos as the year progresses!

See the wood in Spring!

Boase Wood Crafts

Les has handcrafted all of these charming decorations and containers. Come to the museum on 12 North Street and take a look at the full range!

We have a variety of wooden chalices. Choose wisely!

A spinning top, great for any procrastinator’s desk!

A characterful addition for your cup collection

A great wee tube for your nick-nacks

Need a place for your keys? This elm bowl lets you do it in style!

A wee acorn, great for decoration

Want to get your hands on some of these unique pieces of St Andrean art? 


On our webstore we’re always updating our stock, so take a look and see if you can get your own Boase Wood Craft before they’re all gone!

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Get Involved

Want to get your hands dirty? Register as a volunteer gardener today

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