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As with many of the Trust’s activities, our publications are borne from the hard work of volunteers and the contents of our research room at the St Andrews Heritage Museum and Garden. 

Click on the images below to view our publications. Note that all publications remain the property of the St Andrews Preservation Trust Ltd. If you would like to reference our material, please notify us in advance. 

A Survey of Its Work

St Andrews Preservation Trust

The Development of the Burgh of St Andrews in the Middle Ages

R. G. Cant

Conservation in St Andrews: The Work of the Trust, 1937 - 1989

Real Estate

Jessie Love Moir

Jane Claydon

Provost John MacGregor

Dr. C.D. Watkinson

Museum Development Briefing 2021

St Andrews Preservation Trust

Jane Claydon tells us her favourite part about writing 'Jessie Love Moir'

Author's Insight

"...The weekly Scotsman published an article about the new St Andrews provost in 1952. They took the line that she had never golfed, and I suppose that was very unusual for a Provost."

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