St Andrews Preservation Trust

Our governing body is the Board of Trustees who have full decision-making authority on behalf of the membership. The Board has established a number of specialist committees and working groups to help carry out the work of the charity, each has its own terms of reference. At all meetings of the Board and committees, if any of those present have a possible conflict of interest it is declared and, if necessary, that person is excluded from discussion on the relevant matter.

Communications form an integral part of all aspects of the work of the Trust, however this committee is especially focussed on internal communications – the way we keep in contact with our members – and external contacts between the Trust and the general public.  This includes, but is not limited to, our online presence, contact with local press and members’ newsletters.

Current members are: Mrs Louisa Cheape, Mrs Bo Fraser (Convener), Mrs Karen Petersen, Mr David Strachan

Miss Annie Birrell (Administrator), Mrs Samantha Walker (Museum Manager/Curator)

The Committee supports the Finance Convenor in reviewing key issues related to the finances of the Trust. It provides guidance and challenges to the Finance Convenor and reviews resultant forecast and actual accounts. The Committee meets on an ad hoc/ as needed basis.

Current members are Mr Iain Lawson, (Convener), Mr Jim Bennet, Mrs Dorothea Morrison, Mr David Strachan

Miss Annie Birrell (Administrator)

Gardens of St Andrews Committee organises the Trust’s main fundraiser.

Current members are:

Lady Catherine Erskine (Convener), Mrs Dorothea Morrison, Mr David Strachan

Co-opted members:  Mrs June Baxter OBE, Miss Annie Birrell (Administrator), Mr Simon Kidd, Mrs Samantha Walker

The Museum Convenor has oversight of the various functions of the museum: the garden, the photograph collection, the scrap book group, the oral archive, ongoing research and the volunteers.

The Committee receives professional guidance from the Museum Curator and, in turn, provides support for the Curator with particular reference to exhibitions, special projects and plans for the future.

Current members are Miss Jane Claydon (Convener),  Mr Ken Fraser (Research Group),  Karen Petersen (Volunteer Coordinator), Dr David Watkinson (Historical Adviser), 

Co-opted members: Mrs Marysia Denyer (Garden Coordinator), Miss Pat Harvey (Photographic Archivist), Ms Claire Robinson (Museum Mentor), Mrs Samantha Walker (Museum Manager/Curator), Miss Veronica Whymant (Oral Archivist and Minute Secretary)

The Project Board provides oversight and guidance to the Museum Curator/ Manager (and/or specific Project Managers) in relation to Museum specific projects. It provides an escalation route the the Board of Trustees, escalating issues as appropriate. The Board meets on a bi monthly basis or as needed.

Current members are: Mr Iain Lawson (Chairman), Miss Jane Claydon, Mrs Bo Fraser, Mr David Strachan

Miss Samantha Walker (Museum Manager/Curator)

The Planning & Environment Committee provides advice to the Board on planning issues and large-scale development plans impacting on the central conservation area and the wider town. It concentrates on safeguarding heritage, landscape, green spaces and other public amenities. 

Current members are:

Mrs Dorothea Morrison (Convener), Mr Jim Bennett,  Mrs Samantha Stockley, Dr David Watkinson

Mr Jim Bennett (Environment Convener), Mrs Louisa Cheape, Dr David Watkinson, Miss Annie Birrell (Administrator), 

To maintain, improve, extend, purchase, let out, redevelop, provide opportunities to gain better income from any of Trust’s property assets. To assist with property based aspects for any grant funding or associated aspects with which the Trust becomes involved.

Current Members are Mr Iain Wilson (Property Convener),Mr Jim Bennett, Miss Jane Claydon, Mr Iain Lawson

Miss Annie Birrell (Administrator), Miss Samantha Walker (Museum Manager/Curator)