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Thank You For Your Donation
Your donation will help us to preserve the heritage of St Andrews and to help its community. We will use your donation to make sure that they will be there for generations to come. Take a look at how your donation will be used.
We have many events throughout the year, including lectures, temporary exhibitions, fairs, community collaborations, and much, much more. Your donation will help to fund these events.
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The Garden
Our garden is a hub for people to chat, relax and take a break from the bustle of the city. By donating you have ensured that our team of volunteer gardeners will have the tools they need to keep it beautiful for all.
We maintain many historic Doocots around St Andrews. Your donation will allow us to keep them accessible to the public.
The Boase Wood
Bequeathed to us by Philip Boase, we employ a team of professional tree surgeons to tend the wood and our craftsman, Les, uses it to create the many wooden homeware sold in our museum. Your donation will ensure that this work can continue.
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We have 26,000 items in our collection, and our team of curators make sure that they're in perfect condition to put on display. Your donation will ensure that we have all the materials and tools we'll need to preserve these past items and plan for their future use in exhibitions.
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